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A Virtual Reality Obstacle Course...

Trials is a first-person platformer with an emphasis on exploring different mechanics - each trial has a new level element to explore. The game is designed to be sped-run, hfdd.

Donation Progress:

Bronze Time (100)
Complete Time Trial mode in 9 minutes

Silver Time (100)
Complete Time Trial mode in 7 minutes

Gold Time (100)
Complete Time Trial mode in 6 minutes

Invincible (100)
Complete Time Trial mode without losing any health

Preliminary Testing.. Passed (150)
Complete all Trials

Cold Feet (50)
Complete Trial 3 without touching lava

Hard Hat (50)
Navigate the Crusher without being hurt

Crusher Dodger (100)
Survive in the Crusher for 60 seconds

Sense of Direction (100)
Complete the Aquatic Maze in 40 seconds

Being Efficient (50)
Complete the first trial in less than 2 and 1/3 seconds

Illusionist (100)
Complete Trial 6 in 15 seconds